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Market Newsletter ~ October 1, 2019

October 1, 2019

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Market Newsletter ~ August 2, 2016

August 2, 2016

From the Market Manager
If you go to our website, (address above) you will find an archive of recipes that have been given out through the years. This is the time of year when you should make recipes with fresh corn; there is a difference; it’s sweeter.
Try corn chowder, or corn pudding. I made corn pudding once for a brunch and one of my friends said that she wanted to lick the pan it was so good.
It is also the time of year for gazpacho. There are hundreds of recipes for this cold Spanish soup. I like the one with tomatoes and other  egetables. I will make it for next week’s market. I always hand out samples. I like it with lots of flavor, so I use red wine vinegar. One time when I was handing it out, a mother said when I offered some to her child that he wouldn’t like it. He did; he asked for seconds.
It’s important to offer children a variety of foods. Some they will like, some they won’t, but you’ll never know unless you offer it. I also tell young adults that if there was something they didn’t like when they were young, that they should try it as an adult. Our tastes change, so there’s a good chance you will like something when you’re older.
I went blueberry picking at West Granville Blueberries last week. That is owned by Maple Corner Farm, and the picking was terrific.
It’s 25 miles from Springfield, but it’s a pretty ride. Go out Rte. 57 to Southwick. Continue on Rte. 57 to Granville. After Prospect Mountain camground signs you will see a sign for Maple Corner Farm; that’s North Road; it’s on your right. Eventually you will see the sign. They’re open from 10-5. You can stop at the Summer House for lunch or ice cream.

Community Preservation Act
Voters may have the opportunity this autumn to decide whether Springfield will adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA). Since 2000, CPA has been adopted by 161 municipalities including Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Hampden, Wilbraham, West Springfield, Agawam, and Northampton.
CPA would place a surcharge of up to 3% on tax bills. For example, someone paying $2,000 in property taxeswould pay $60 more if there is a 3% surcharge, $20 if a 1% surcharge. The Commonwealth then provides additional funds to participating communities from the CPA Trust Fund which comes from fees from deed and municipal lien recordings and legislation allocation. A study of CPA from 2002-2007 estimates that $3 million from Springfield recording fees went into the Trust Fund to be allocated to participating communities. Local and state CPA funds can only be used for:
• Historic resources—acquire, preserve, rehabilitate/restore
• Open space—acquire, create, preserve
• Recreational land—acquire, create, preserve, rehabilitate/restore
• Community housing—acquire, create, preserve, rehabilitate/restore, support

Funds can’t be used for maintenance, staffing or programming. A minimum of 10% of funds must be annually allocated each for Open space/recreation, Historic Resources, and Community Housing. An ad hoc CPA study committee has been appointed by City Council President Mike Fenton to make recommendations on the levy percentage and whether any exemptions should be included. CPA may exempt the
first $100,000 of residential valuations, the first 100K of commercial/industrial valuations, all commercial/industrial properties, and/or residences owned and occupied by lower income people. The Committee, which includes former Historical Commission members Bob McCarroll and Ralph Slate, is expected to make its recommendation to the City Council soon. The Council will decide by the end of summer whether to place the question on the November 8th ballot. Once adopted, a CPA committee reviews applications to ensure compliance with state requirements and sends recommendations to the Council. The CPA Committee is composed of members from the Historical Commission, Conservation Commission, Park Commission, Housing Authority, Planning Board, and up to 4 other members if the Council allows. CPA allocations need approval by the City Council. Makes sense to me as a Springfield homeowner.

This ‘n’ That
Would you like a sign to put out on Tuesday mornings? We have a couple of extras. All advertising helps.
You can cook corn on the cob in the microwave if you’re only doing a couple at a time. Leave the husk on. They will steam, so be very careful when you remove them from the microwave. The silk comes right off.

Children’s Theatre
New Century Theatre has 3 more performances of “A Year with Frog and Toad” coming up on August 3rd-6th.It’s only $10 per child. Go to for details.. They are in Northampton.

WIC & Elder Coupons
These are given out at WIC offices and the elder coupons are given out at senior centers. The elder coupons are most likely all gone. If you didn’t get any, contact your local senior center to find out how you can get on a list for next year. There is always a limited supply. These WIC coupons are only for fruits and vegetables.
The elder coupons can also be used to buy honey, but the vendor has to be registered with the state to accept them, and our honey vendor isn’t registered.

Save the Date
The Springfield Preservation Trust will be hosting its annual summer garden fundraiser on Sunday, August 21st at the home of David Hall, 2 Glen Road, in Springfield. The event, which begins at 1PM, is part of the McKnight neighborhood’s celebration of 40 years as an historic district.
The house was built in 1899 in the Colonial Revival Style by Mary McKnight. This charming house is bordered by a dingle on one side, and looks out onto the McKnight neighborhood. It is fitting that the fundraiser is here as Mary McKnight was one of the founders of the neighborhood.
You can reserve a ticket by going to SPT’s website,, or by mailing a check by August 16th to: Springfield Preservation Trust, 74 Walnut St., Springfield 01105. It’s $35 for SPT members, and $40 for non-members.

Recipe—Cauliflower Soup
You can make this with broccoli also, but it is much smoother with cauliflower.
Butter, olive, or salad oil
Cauliflower (use the white or yellow ones only)
Chicken or vegetable broth
Half and half, cream, or whole milk
Curry if you like
Salt and pepper
(you can chop up carrots and celery and sauté them with the onion also)
Remove the hard core of the cauliflower and chop the head into smallish pieces. Sauté the onion, celery and carrots together until they’re soft. Add the cauliflower.
Cover with broth. Cook until soft. Puree until smooth, add curry and dairy. This is good hot or cold.

Meet the Vendors—Velma’s Wicked Delicious Kettle corn
Steve Cary, owner of Velma’s West, started working with Eric Bickernicks at our market in 2006. Eventually Eric stayed in the eastern part of the state with his Velma’s setup although the two of them do work together on
Steve is a videographer and teacher; Velma’s is a side
job. He will tell you that it is dolphin free, organic, and all
sorts of other claims, only some of which you should
believe. (It is dolphin free.)
Now that his children are older (2 are going off to college this fall) they often staff the booth. The Cary family lives
in the neighborhood. He literally married the girl next
door and they have 3 children.
We allow him to go on vacation occasionally, but he has
to notify his customers well in advance so that they don’t
have Velma’s withdrawal.



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