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Market Newsletter ~ October 1, 2019

October 1, 2019

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Market News ~ June 18, 2019

June 18, 2019

From the Market Manager

Last week we asked our customers where they were from. As in past years when we’ve done the same survey, we find that the largest percentage of our customers come from our Forest Park neighborhood, and the next highest percentage come from Longmeadow. But you
come from all over the place.

We even had folks here from Washington, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. They were on a bus tour where they go places and walk a lot. How they found us I don’t know, but they were very pleasant, and it was nice to have them here. Many of them got lunch from Sweet Chili, so I’m sure they left happy.


Yesterday I drove to Boston to see an old friend. Sunny was friends with my mother, and our families have known each other for well over 50 years. She is from Massachusetts, but they moved to Texas many years ago. She recently moved here to be close to her son. I made up my mind years ago that I would do my best to act on calling or visiting someone so that I wouldn’t have regrets if they died. That happened once to me, and I vowed not to let that happen again. I went to her son’s house for dinner and got to meet his children, daughters in law, son in law, and grandchildren. I kept thinking how much my mother would have loved that gathering.


Our terminal is working. If you got tokens a couple of weeks ago without our swiping your card, please stop by so that we can process the transaction.


It’s strawberry season. There is such a difference in flavor between our local berries and the ones from far away. You can freeze them easily. Just wash and hull them and put them in a container. With or without sugar.


If you pick your own berries, not only is it less expensive, but it will give you an appreciation of how difficult it is to do this type of work.


I make jam every year, and will do so again this week. I give most of it away. I like Ball pectin. You have to cook the fruit a little bit, but it retains its color and is delicious. I freeze mine since I have enough freezer space. Don’t be afraid to make jam or jelly; it’s easy. When you freeze it you don’t have to have jelly jars, any jar will do.


We welcome non-profit organizations to set up a table every so often to give out information. Nothing controversial please.


The Master Gardeners will return to our market in September.


HIP—Healthy Incentive Project

HIP (Healthy Incentive Project) is back for the season. However, you MUST have money in your EBT account. Not just a few dollars, but $10 or more so that the vendor can swipe your card properly. They do not have time to swipe and swipe and swipe if you have almost no money
in your account. If you need help with HIP, stop by the market table, and we will help you.

You can use your EBT/HIP benefits for plants that grow food and herb plants as well.





Here are some options for getting to our market if you don’t have your own vehicle:


Tri-Town Trolley—For Longmeadow, East Longmeadow,and Hampden residents. The cost is $2 each way for out of town transportation. To schedule a ride, call 525-5412 48-72 hours ahead of when you want the ride.
PVTA—Van service: call 739-7436, 1 to 7 days before you need the ride. You must be dropped off by 4:30, so plan accordingly. I think the cost is $2.50, and it’s for elderly, or disabled.
JCC—call 24 hours in advance to 372-9754. It’s $3 each way. The hours are 9-2, so you must make sure that you’re back home before 2 which is when the driver is done for the day.

We will pay for one way of your transportation; just come to the market table for your reimbursement.



We have t-shirts at the market table for only $10. We have many sizes available. We are selling them for only $1 above what we pay for them.


This ‘n’ That


  •  There seem to be lots of lost dog and cat flyers on trees and utility poles. If you notice one,    and it’s been a long time, take it down please.

  •  Make sure your house numbers are visible from the street.

  •  Pick up litter every time you go for a walk; it all helps.

  •  Keep your local money local. Buying from local businesses contributes to our local economy.

  • Buy used. Sell your stuff at a yard sale, trade or donate to charity, or check out a local ReUse stores.

Some Strawberry Recipes

Wash berries, put out a bowl of plain yogurt, or sour cream and brown sugar. Dip the berry in the yogurt and then in brown sugar. A simple dessert and delicious.


Make strawberry soup. Puree berries, add a little sugar, some half and half or cream or yogurt or sour cream, a little nutmeg and chill. Serve very cold; it’s great for dessert.


5 Tips to Stay Safe on Today’s Roadways


  1. Seat belts save lives. Seat belts worn properly reduce the risk of fatal injury to front-seat        passenger occupants by 45%

  2. To help avoid drug-impaired driving, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your                    medications  and be aware of how your body feels or reacts to the drugs and     supplements you are taking.

  3.  It is important to always be mindful while driving, but especially in limited visibility conditions like rain, snow, and fog. Turn on your headlights (not your high beams) and make sure there  is plenty of distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you

  4.  Failure to yield the proper right-of-way is the most common traffic violation in crashes           involving older drivers. Other common traffic violations that cause crashes involve making an improper left turn, making an improper lane change, and ignoring a stop sign or traffic light.Be extra cautious at intersections, while merging, and around pedestrian walkways

  5.  A 3-second following distance (or more) will help you spot possible driving hazards and give you time to react.


Chester Theatre Season—June 20th-August 18th 

This is the 30th season for the Chester Theatre. Chester is located about an hour from here. Their plays are performed in the Chester Town Hall. There are 4 plays this summer. The hall is air-conditioned. Check out their website—


The Majestic Children’s Theater

Mulan, Jr., The Cat in the Hat, and Charlotte’s Web will be performed this summer. The Majestic is in West Springfield. Tickets are $9.50 each and if you purchase all 3 plays at the same time, you’ll get a free snack at each play. Their website is for all the details.

The Majestic has lots of other performances this summer. Check them out. Tickets to plays make great gifts.




Kohlrabi has made its appearance at the market. It is a very popular vegetable in Europe. It is either light green, white, or purple; they all taste the same. It is a member of the brassicas family (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) and is mild. It tastes like a combination of broccoli stem and mild turnip. Don’t get a very large one, they are sometimes woody.

Peel it and either put it in a salad, or slice it and eat it just like that. It can be cooked also.



Shred carrots and kohlrabi
Make a dressing with Asian sesame oil, some soya sauce, garlic, scallions, and some hot pepper flakes if you like things spicy. Let it sit for a while to let the flavors blend.



Cut them into thin strips. In a medium bowl toss the kohlrabi fries with olive oil, chili powder and ground cumin, coating them evenly. Spread the kohlrabi in a single layer on baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes, flipping once until they are soft and getting blistered
and dark on the outside. Remove and eat warm.



Slice kohlrabi very thin, toss with some olive oil and coarse salt.

Spread on baking sheet in a single layer, and bake at 250 degrees rotating sheet until crisp and deep golden, about 35 minutes to one hour. Remove chips from the oven as they get golden, and drain on paper towels.


Check out the article about us on Mass Live!

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